The Deerwhere Awakening

Deerwhere was the culmination of humanity’s search for Utopia. After centuries of wars, overpopulation, political disruption, and global pandemics, there followed a New Confederation of Peace: of work, of service to others, and of recreation. Together in Deerwhere, survivors were male, female, and uniale. The colony quarantine kept the three sexes safe from illnesses of the world beyond.

With epigenetics, the uniales embody superior qualities of both sexes and all the races. They bring new pronouns to language. The Confederation Bureau of Standards sets “’Nhe” for he and she, “Nes”’ to go with his and her, and “Nem” will be used with him and her. “They” and “Them” can stand as plurals.

Immune to the Pandemic Diseases by design, the uniale genetic sequence was unique. A concept of ancient mythology and fantasy became the solution to chaos and plagues on earth, the uniale. The genetic sexual spectrum was coaxed to satisfy the priorities of the 24th Century. Once just holograms in a laboratory, uniales were truly human.  Only a few of the scientific elite considered the consequences of their exercises in genetic development. The rest were too exhilarated by their success to contemplate the possibilities.

Noral is the uniale wifand of nes family unit, a trio of adults. Their idyllic lives in Deerwhere have all needs addressed by Keeper, the Deerwhere Quantum Computer. All needs, but one. When Noral is confronted with the Confederation’s Third Option, nhe can no longer tolerate the dictates of a “perfect society.” Noral, nes fren Kalen, and Deerwhere uniales test their own loyalty towards the culture that is Deerwhere—a culture they must define for themselves.

The Science Fiction debut novel, THE DEERWHERE AWAKENING by J.W.Capek is available as a Kindle book from Amazon and paperback in Barnes & Noble, Eagle Harbor Books and your local bookstores. See Books page for details.